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This was the first time my children have ever been cared for by a non family member during the evening\. I was very apprehensive about leaving them but upon speaking with G__ she assured more all her Nannies are more than capable and qualified and especially enjoy caring for children. W__, our Nanny rang me Saturday afternoon to introduce herself and again my mind was put at further ease when she asked how old my children were and that she would bring a bag of toys which usually helps ‘break the ice’. N__ my ‘nearly 4 boy’ as he describes himself as he was turning 4 on this trip was very happy to meet W__ and see what was in her bag of tricks. This obviously did the trick with my daughter A__ seeing her brother playing with W__ because she too was then wanting to see what W__ had in her bag of tricks. W__ really made the children feel at ease by getting down on the floor and playing with them and she was more than happy for me to stay as long as I wanted. After about 15 minutes of W__ arriving, the children were so happy I kissed both goodnight and told N__ I would see him in the morning. His reply ‘Night Mum. I going to watch Bolt the superhero dog with W__.’ This all sounded too good to be true but the night got better when W__ then texted me around 8.30pm that both children were sleeping soundly! A very big thank you to Nannies of Noosa and in particular our Nanny W__. You have enriched my whole experience!!